Hey lovelies

I’m happy that you found your way to my page and I hope you will visit it a few more times!

This blog is about everything I love in my life. I think that everything has its reason and that we’re meant to be to travel on our own road of life, struggling with all the fences but also to receive all the worlds beauty.

And, of course, I love to travel. I love the way a city smells like, all the different cultures and their traditions and all the beautiful different people all over the world. But to be honest I have a deep crush on Paris. The city of love, the city of fashion with all its beautiful romantic places, the beautiful language and its special charm!

We should smile a lot every day because there is only one life and we should be thankful for what we have, for all the beautiful people around us that bless us every day and for what we can get and what we can be in future.

I called my blog “The Blooming Muse” because I love the way a flower grows and gets more beautiful day by day and I think that we all could be our own muse. We grow from day to day with all the experiences and struggles of life and we kind of “bloom” from year to year. So did I and I love to look back at my transformation. So should you. Be proud of who you are and take a deep breath every day, take a look at all the beauty that surrounds you and remember who you are, remember your dreams and work for it!

xx Chloe


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