The Blooming Muse

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to my site,

I hope you all have had a great week and a lovely Sunday well spent with your beloved ones or just alone with some well deserved me time (in both cases with good food I hope 😀 ).

For me, the last week was all about long conversations, girls talk and mostly about one specific topic: to work for your dreams. I created this blog three years ago but I didn’t really post anything because I just felt like I couldn’t do it. I had no idea where to start or what to start with and from the position I am in now I can say that I just wasn’t ready to really reach for my goals and dreams. I learned a lot during the past three years and the thing I learned most about was to do what you’re passionate about and fighting and working your ass off for the things you really love!

The Blooming Muse 3

There is a difference between doing something because it’s okay and you like it and something you can’t stop thinking about because you deeply love it.
The first one brings you through life but kicking your own ass and doing what you really love and what you think about every morning after you wake up and every evening before you go to bed is a whole different level. For me this one thing was fashion. My desire to express myself, my ideas and creativity on a platform and to also reach people all around the world with my thoughts and ideas. In times like these I find it so important to encourage each other, especially for women!

One topic I talked about the most this week was self love. That might sound so cliché but it is and always will be such a big topic, not only for women. Even the person who seems like the most attractive and self-confident human being on earth might have her or his issues and doubts about her or his  body or personality. We all have that I guess and I find it so important to talk about it and to support each other instead of bringing each other down. Nobody ain’t got the time and the energy for that and if there are people out there who seem to see it as a hobby to bring others down, just think about how much they must have suffered in life to be so desperate and bored.

I chose the name “The Blooming Muse” three years ago because I thought (and I still do think) that this is what we are. We all are blooming human being as we grow mentally every day and as we are able to be our own muse. It might sound a bit kitschy but that is what I really believe in. Spend your time with people who make you feel amazing but from whom you know that they also will always be honest with you. Spend your time with people who inspire you, who have kind of the same ambitions etc. .
Be aware of how beautiful you are and that nobody is perfect! Just think about the ESPRIT ad (which I find just genius!) in which they say “I’m perfect” which is such a great play on words as it says “I am perfect / imperfect”. Just learn to love yourself and most important: to believe in yourself.

I wish you a beautiful new week. Make it an unforgettable one as the sun is shining (at least here in Germany today), birds are singing and creativity is just a glimpse away.

Is there something you have in mind for ages but didn’t have to courage to start with yet?
I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

xx Deborah Chloé




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